About us

HØST® is a bio-economy company that harvest nutrient values from recycling bio-residues and industrial resources to produce a variety of high quality fertilizers and soil enhancers. Our products focus on improving soil fertility with essential nutrients and organic substances increasing the yield. 

Established in 2000 with a public-private ownership; today, we have become the leading player in Norway
with annual production of more than 250.000 tons of bio residues-based growing media and crop-care products. Our production system bases on establishing binding business cooperation with major producers in Nordic regions and other developed countries with strict quality management standard. We have projects and investments in Norway, Armenia, China and Vietnam; and a growing network of dealers and distributors worldwide. Together with our partners we have created the HØST® Green Growth Partnership (HGGP) Concept.

Making it valuable again – integrated solution

We offer integrated solutions for handling organic and mineral residues from a large scale of customers – from municipal companies, industry and fish farming.  At HØST®, we ensure optimal utilization of resources and economically advantageous solutions for producers of organic and mineral residues through recycling in agriculture and the landscaping sector. We aim to give these materials a second chance at our economic cycle, making them valuable again.


HØST® has an active research and development department with high ranked microbiologists and agronomists recruited from Norwegian research institutes. We have developed a wide range of user-specific soil products for agriculture and industry, from USGA golf green material to roof gardens and special soil supplied with chitin for terrace use. Furthermore, we are offering the mineral-organic fertilizer MINORGA®, tailor-made bio humus products and a range of fertilizer products for the Asian agriculture market. Our core competence is centered on continuous deployment of innovation and know-how in microbiology, agronomy and resource utilization.