Our story

Vision. Since a young boy, I witnessed my grandfather collect organic matter from nearby areas and bring it back to our farmland. Back then the concept of recycling was simple; harness what was available and make the best reuse of it as it was. There were neither tools nor the technology to properly clean all the leftovers from gardens, factories and private households and make it reusable again in a safe matter. I wanted to combine my knowledge in agriculture with the technology we have today, and further develop the concept of recycling. And thus HØST® AS was born in 2000.         

“Triggered by Curiosity
Driven by Sustainability
Delivered by Solutioneer”

Closing the loop. Reduce, reuse, recycle, recover. At HØST®, we are the best at finding optimal solutions to recover the leftovers and properly treat them. With 16 years of pure expertise, passion and care, each day we are triggered by curiosity that leads us to finding and conducting new innovative ways to reuse our leftovers in safe matter, whilst reducing harmful effects to our nature, recycling as much as possible and recovering what is left. 

Clean Food. An obvious daily concept to some, and an unobtainable luxury concept for others. Through hard work and years of conducting series of tests combined with our expertise in agriculture, we have managed to create a wide range of product selection that has been manufactured responsively; ensuring your crop receives the most pure and nutritious foundation guaranteeing healthy crop that breed clean food on your plate.  

As a company, HØST® strongly believes in responsible behavior towards humankind and nature. Our guideline
is to act sustainably. We apply this in each step of manufacturing and choosing of raw materials. By choosing HØST®, you are choosing a responsible, natural way to clean food.


Torleiv Næss Ugland
Founder & CEO of